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dimanche 24 janvier 2021
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Flexible and metal tins

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Flexible pans represent an interesting progress in the kitchen. Used for several years by professionals, this type of mold is gradually emerging in kitchen shops. Prefer models surrounded by metal, so as to reconcile the flexibility of the pans and the rigidity of metal useful for standing.
Flexible and metal tins - étape 0
1. Whatever the content, flexible pans greatly facilitate removal. No need to line the pans ! No need to butter..Flexible and metal tins - étape 1
2. The metal tins, molds and trays remain attractive for certain large preparations or others not requiring original forms. The madeleines for example need to be cooked on the underside of the oven, and for this reason, metal tins still have their say.Flexible and metal tins - étape 2

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