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dimanche 24 janvier 2021
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Butter sauce

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. 100 ml of a base for sauce
. 100 g of butter
. salt, pepper

1. Make a base for sauce with vegetables cut into pieces (here fennel), then add pepper of Szechuan, the star anise, and eventually a little white wine. Bring to a boil and let reduce until 100 ml of aroma highly concentrated. You can of course perfume bases as you wish, with poultry carcasses, bones, etc.. The key is to get a concentrated liquid with a flavor in harmony with the accompanying dish.Butter sauce - étape 1
2. Filter the base, and then add butter under a very gentle heat. Stir constantly with the whisk until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Do not boil. This sauce will perfectly accompany all kind of fish or poultry.Butter sauce - étape 2

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