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jeudi 21 octobre 2021
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Morels sauce

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. 2 shallots
. 50 g of dried morels
. 30 g of butter
. salt, pepper of Szechuan
. 150 ml of white wine

Morels  sauce - étape 0
1. Soak the mushrooms for at least an hour to re-hydrate.Morels  sauce - étape 1
2. Peel the shallots and cut them into dice. Brown them in a little olive oil, sprinkle white wine and let reduce.Morels  sauce - étape 2
3. Add the sour cream and let reduce again.Morels  sauce - étape 3
4. Crush.Morels  sauce - étape 4
5. Then strain to obtain a homogeneous sauce.Morels  sauce - étape 5
6. Cook the morels for 10-12 minutes in a pan with a knob of butter. (This mushroom must be eaten cooked, because even most of its toxins are destroyed by the drying process, it remains slightly toxic when uncooked.)Morels  sauce - étape 6
7. Assemble sauce and mushrooms. Salt and add a few grains of pepper Szechuan. Allow to cook very gently for a few minutes. This sauce will accompany perfectly a white or red meat and more particularly a tournedos.Morels  sauce - étape 7

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